Recent years have seen app writing and development turn into a lucrative avenue of employment. People with even a rudimentary knowledge of app writing languages are looking to plunder this veritable goldmine, and are churning out apps by the dozen. Recent statistics show that

  • There are over 1.6 million android apps available in Google Play Store.
  • There are over 1.5 million iOS apps available in the Apple App Store.

But only a fraction of these apps possess the quality and vision required to become a success. There are several prerequisites and things that app developers should know before they start the process of writing an app. The most important of these have been mentioned below.

  • The goal of the app: – App developers should be aware of the specific purpose of the app, and how it compares to similar apps in the market. They should have an articulate idea of the goals, both business and personal that this app will help achieve. Several app developers fail to address this question. This results in the app lacking vision and perspective.


  • The target functionality of the app: – Zero in on what the primary function of your app will be. The proposed functionality should increase the ease and efficiency of routine tasks considerably. Developers should focus on the functionality that has the biggest appeal to prospective users rather than adding needless features which will clutter the app.
  • The target audience: – Defining the eventual users of the app is of paramount importance. Doing so gives developers an idea of what their app is expected to provide, and also what features to incorporate into it. Meeting user expectations is guaranteed to increase app popularity and visibility.
  • The marketing strategy: – As the statistics show, there are so many apps in the market that getting noticed is an achievement in itself. App developers need to formulate an effective strategy to create a buzz and curiosity among prospective users before the actual launch. They should begin the marketing process at least 2-3 weeks before the launch. They should also have a clear idea of how to use all the channels available to them to spread awareness about the app.
  • The budget of the app: – App development is an expensive process with each and every step requiring adequate investment. Developers should have a clear idea of the budget of their app, and how this money will be allocated to each stage of the process. Assigning individuals to keep an eye on expenditure can aid in preventing the process going over budget.

Keeping the aforementioned points in mind will aid in making the app development less strenuous.