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Air Pollution and its Sources

Air pollution can come in many forms, but it’s generally thought, seen, and felt as gaseous entities that sometimes hold particulate contaminants present within the Earth’s atmosphere. These pollutants include nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen fluoride, and volatile organic ...Read More


Choosing a laptop is what you call a good problem. Whether you’re getting one for the first time or you are simply replacing an old laptop of yours, it’s fun and exciting to get something new. The thought of getting something thin and powerful ...Read More

Save the World

Wind power Despite a reputation for being unreliable, wind power has the potential to provide more than 30% of the world’s electricity. The wind doesn’t blow constantly, of course, so we will need to develop better ways of storing the energy we generate with ...Read More

Around the World Popularity of Baseball

You might have heard that baseball was a quintessential American sport. But with the passage of time, the baseball field has evolved into a polyglot’s playground. Many other countries have learned to love the sport. According to the International Baseball Federation, there are over ...Read More

Bat is Life

Baseball has reached an unprecedented popularity these days. The worldwide popularity of the sport is evidenced by the existence of national and major leagues in almost all continents. There is also the world series. And the main protagonists? The bat and the ball. The ...Read More