Need for translation

Need for translation

There are many languages in this world which are different and unique. People may be aware or have knowledge on few languages but not on all. So, for the purpose of better and clear understanding, there should be translation. The word translation refers to expressing the words exactly without changing its sense or meaning into other language. Services which do the translation for official purposes are available online and they are called translation services.

About the services

One of the popular services in Manchester is DHC Translations. This service can be reached out via online through the following link This service is provided for translation of any kind of documents. This is so simple, just the documents which are needed to be translated should be sent to them with the language which they want to translate. With an hour of time the documents will be translated into the preferred language by the professional experts in the particular language. These experts are trained and well experienced in the language and in their fields or domain.

Procedure and pricing

If we want to know how this actually works and on what basis, the answer is that the particular document in any language is uploaded through email address provided in the website. The team replies as soon as they receive your mail and quote with all the details. Then a project manager is allocated to your project with two translators who are certified, and they are assigned to work on the particular project. The text which is sent in any form can be translated to your preferred language and preferred file types. These file types which are commonly and widely used are .doc, .pdf, .txt, .rtf. the price which is charged for the translation service varies for each kind and length of the document. This is reasonable and affordable and worth the price. The minimum charge for any small document like passport or is etc is 20 euros.

Up to four hundred words, the charge is 40 euros for translations for French, Italian and Spanish. Per each word there is minimal charge of 0.09 euros. Based on the deadline, source type and also by the type of translation the price changes. For any other queries or doubts and information regarding the price of the translation service, they have separate page in the website called pricing page, you can go through it before you get into service. For every single language there is differentiation of price, so please check the pricing page.