Real Importance Of Becoming An Amsoil Dealer

Amsoil Dealer

There are benefits of being an Amsoil dealer, yes that correct. Let see the reason, shall we?

Amsoil dealership has been since 1973, therefore it’s not new. There many dealers who have been doing this business fully fledged and have been successful where as few who have been doing part time are doing fair as well. It is a great way to fund passion such as racing, travelling and many more.

What to expect if one plans of becoming an Amsoil dealer?

There are few points that one should elaborately think before being an amsoil dealer, first being it is a minimal start-up cost. All it takes 50 dollars, to simply register and get the dealer’s kit. The dealer’s kit includes the following;

Quick-Start dealer Guide

The wholesale price list, dealer profit list and Literature with sales aids price list

One bottle of P.i. which means Performance improver gasoline additive

Two 1.5-oz. Pillow packs of SABER professional 100:1 synthetic 2-stroke oil

One can of metal protector

 Amsoil Dealer

Some of the businesses have high start-up costs, where as Amsoil dealership opportunity only costs 49.95 dollars for a one-year dealership and 64.95 dollars in Canada.

No inventory requirement

There is no inventory requirement; Amsoil Dealership provides opportunities that allow the dealer to skip it, although many dealers are allowed to choose their inventory products for selling them to other people in their area.  One can sell Amsoil products and also fulfil the orders from Amsoil directly; it is a great perk of being an amsoil dealer.

According to the numbers there are about 13 distribution centres across U.S. and Canada that makes sure that the orders are shipped as quickly as possible. Around more than 99 percent of orders are placed before 5 p.m. central, right from Monday to Friday. They are also processed and shipped within 24 hours and arrive within three days via ground delivery. Not only that, the dealers provide free shipping on orders of 350 dollars or more 450 dollars in Canada.

Support is also important; Amsoil provides headstrong team of Regional sales managers who go out of the way to answer all the question and queries that come across which makes Amsoil stand out amongst the entire industry.