The Best Coffee Recipes to Try At Home

Coffee Recipes

Every morning you make a fresh cup of coffee to get your day started. This is the routine. Since coffee is something you drink every day, why not make it the best part of your day. Having a good variety of coffee recipes will really help in making your morning special. As the first thing you ingest in the morning, it should be splendid and delicious. Here are some great coffee recipes you can make at home and even take to work with you. Enjoy your coffee anytime, anywhere in these to go coffee cups with lids filled with delicious homemade ingredients.

Iced Vanilla Latte

The latte is by far the most popular coffee choice. The great thing about making coffee from home is that you can create your own version. Moreover, homemade is usually a healthier choice. Since you know exactly what goes in your drink, you can discard your worries. This simple coffee recipe only needs three ingredients. You will need your favorite black coffee, your choice of milk, and some vanilla syrup. All you need to do is brew your favorite batch and add milk and vanilla to taste. Because it is homemade, you can put as much or as little milk and syrup as you want. It is all up to you and your preferences.

 Coffee Recipes

Cold Brew

Second, on the list of homemade coffees is the classic cold brew. Cold-brew coffees are famous for really giving you a jumpstart. They are strong, aromatic, and very flavorful. The great thing about cold-brew coffee is that you can combine it with interesting flavors. You can make cold brew coffee at home anytime. To make cold-brew use coarse ground coffee and add room temperature water. Let this sit in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours. You can even opt to leave it in longer if you want. Cold-brew is a very versatile beverage. You can enjoy it as your morning coffee with some milk or even as a spritzer by adding sparkling water. Whatever you decide to make, it is simply delicious.

Honey and Cinnamon Mix

Honey and cinnamon are very flavorful in their own right. Adding these two ingredients to your coffee will make for a great morning recipe. This all-natural recipe is both healthy and delicious. Since you are making it from home, you can decide how much of each to put based on your taste. You can even choose which type of milk to use. Keep in mind that the honey will sweeten your drink naturally so there is no need to add extra sugars.

These simple homemade coffee recipes are sure to brighten up your morning routine. If you are a coffee lover, you should really try them out and maybe add your own ideas to them.