Video Production Creating and Connecting Ways

Video Production

About video production

The process of creating or making a video by capturing the live (moving) moments or images is refered as videography. But when all the captured and recorded videos are trimmed, expanded, altered or merged to create a video which is desired. This process is called video editing. Under editing various kinds of effects (animated, high dimensional, etc.) can be applied also many filters can be used as per the user or videographer’s requirements. And this recording of video and then editing it all together is termed as video production that is producing a full fledged video.

As known, video production is an activity or process which is done by using various different electronic media. From capturing the scenes to storing the record electronic media has a very crucial role in video production. In earlier times, majorly video tape, solid state storage and hard disk was used for storing the videos. These are obsolete and so there usage has decreased with passing years. Nowadays SD cards are usedv for this media storage.

So, Video Production can be defined as an art which includes recording the video i.e., capturing a moving images and then converting it into finished product by editing as per demand.

This video production includes producing

  • Television Commercials
  • Television Programs
  • Corporate videos
  • Wedding videos
  • Videos of events
  • Any simple video which is captured.

What you need to do video production?

  • Camera
  • Storage device
  • Editing device

Purposes of video production

Video Production

  • Recording Videos to be broadcasted on Television

Television, gives us a world of entertainment and the main element or unit entity of television world are the videos. Whether the news channels, or other entertainment channels all are dependent on videos only so, video production is necessity of television media.

  • Recording videos of events

Events are recorded to capture its moments so that it can later be seen or shown to anyone. Recording events is one of the way to interact socially and spreading awareness about any event being happening in present or have been happened in past. This is a way to connect and attract more and more public towards the event and make them concerned about the cause and event.

  • Videos for education

In education sector, video production has a very significant role this has enabled students to do distant learning just sitting at the place they are. Videos are uploaded by teachers on youtube or can be sent through various social media and this has strengthen the education system.

Thus, a vital role is being played by the video production in today’s era.