Telugu most thriller movie of Payal Rajput

The latest surge in the number of Covid patients has yet again broken the moviegoers’ already saddened hearts. Those who have been keenly waiting for lifting the theatre restrictions are left shock-struck with the news of lockdown making a comeback. It becomes eerily troublesome to deal with abundant time in your hands with not much available at your disposal. But the brighter side of this whole lockdown scenario is that you can spend as much time as you want to watch your favorite Telugu films on dependable OTT platforms like Aha. A wide variety of genres and a huge collection of captivating Telugu movies are some things that you would not like to let go of your hands. And aha ensures that you have access to these captivating contents all the time.

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The Aha original, Anaganaga O Athidhi, is the remake of the movie Aa KaraalaRatri which Dayal Padmanabhan also directed. The movie is a perfect remake of the original and is not lost in translation case. But why does a remake resonate so well with everyone again? Know that there are a lot of moving pieces that make this remake a hit again with all.

First of all, Payal Rajput and Chaitanya Krishna are the leads here as Mallika and Srinivas. They are believable in their roles and embody the character entirely. On-screen, you feel the chemistry as well as the nuanced greed and selfishness within the characters.

Secondly, Arrol Corelli and Rakesh B’s background music and cinematography add the extra dimension that makes any movie soar. The music lifts the plot and characters, while the cinematography shows the scenes with genuine tensions and beauty.

Last but not least, the plot of the movie will rivet anyone watching it. After all, the story of a low-income family going through tough financial times is a topic everyone, in some way to the other, intimately empathizes with. But to help them out, Srinivas arrives with his unique ideology about working hard and offers emotional and financial support to the family. However, over time greed takes over the family, and the resorts they employ to steal Sriniavas’s money will make you wonder if poverty can push you to those limits as well. Register on Aha now to find out how the story unfolds towards the end.

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