Top 3 Highest Grossing Films

3 Highest Grossing Films

Sometimes, choosing the right movie to watch can be unnecessarily challenging. With the myriad of options available for every genre of film, it can be challenging to decide on a film that will be both entertaining and of high quality. Thankfully, some standards can be used to determine the quality of a movie, some of which may be slightly unexpected. While a person’s first instinct while trying to find a good movie would be to check the reviews of different films, there are more efficient ways to determine a movie’s quality. By finding out how much a film ended up grossing is a great way to find out if a film is worth watching. Aha Movies has a wide variety of high grossing films, and being able to watch movies here definitely ensures an enjoyable movie-watching experience.

The term “grossing” refers to the total amount of money that a movie makes before the costs of production are subtracted. Although many people judge the quality of a movie based on the net profit that it makes, it can lead them to believe that a film is better than it is. For example, a movie with a high grossing has done well but may have a lower net profit because they might have spent a lot on production. As a result, judging a movie by its net profit may lead a person to believe that such a film was of lower quality when in reality, the movie was extremely well-made with an extensive production budget.

The amount that a movie earns after its production is often a relatively stable indicator of that film’s quality. Therefore, the better that a movie is, the more people that will go to see it, increasing the amount that the movie earns. Before the costs of production are subtracted, the consistent profits are the best indicator of how popular that a film may have been to a general audience. The following movies are some of the highest grossing films of the Telugu genre that can be watched at Aha Movies:


1.      Attarintiki Daredi

This movie depicts the misadventures of Guatam as he poses as a driver to reunite his estranged aunt with the rest of her family, at the request of his grandfather. He promises him that he will be able to bring her back in time for his 80th birthday, with hopes that she will be able to reconcile with the rest of the family.

2.      Magadheera

Focusing on the lives of Harsha and Indu, this movie showcases a dramatic series of events as Harsha is falsely accused of being the killer of Indu’s father. Things worsen for the two as Indu gets kidnapped, and Harsha realizes that he has to make things right between the two of them, likely due to their connection to one another in the past.

3.      Race Gurram

This movie features two brothers, Ram and Lakshman, who are entirely contradictory to one another. While one of the brothers is concrete in his beliefs, following the rules very strictly, the other is a free spirit and doesn’t care for many regulations. The two are always fighting and get into a variety of troublesome and action-filled situations as a result.

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