Some Great Websites To Help You Earn Free Bitcoin Online!

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Some Great Websites To Help You Earn Free Bitcoin Online

The internet has a large number of services that allow you to utilize cryptocurrency; however, only a few offer what they promise. To earn free Bitcoin, investment is mandatory. The best way to earn them is to choose the site first.

These are some of the services that allow you to invest with bitcoins:


Bitbond is a service that lets you lend as well as loan bitcoins. These are some of the main features of Bitbond’s services:

For borrowing:

  • The loans can carry terms ranging from 6 weeks to 5 years.
  • Loans are offered to users in many countries all over the world.
  • Online businesses and eBay sellers are also offered loans.

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For lending:

  • Bitbond offers a 13% interest rate to lenders.
  • Bitbond’s AutoInvest allows you to invest your bitcoins automatically, and you’re not charged anything for the service!
  • It allows you to mitigate price fluctuations with its USD denominated loans.

Bitbond is a peer-to-peer bitcoin loaning platform that offers a globally available and affordable service. While lenders get to earn huge interests, small businesses are offered access to affordable loans.


The Bitcoin mining demand has been growing, and more than half of its profits are spent on mining hardware power consumption. Bitcoin miners are constantly seeking high space with cheap power, which is why Coince has been set up to focus its wholesale electricity trading efforts on the Bitcoin mining industry and building an exclusive, high-performance data center to host miners while providing the best quality at the lowest costs.

Here’s how you can start using Coince to invest with Bitcoins:

  • Create an account on Coince: The first thing you’ll have to do to keep your information safe and start using the service is to create an account on Coince. You’ll have to fill in the information, such as your email address, full name, payment account, and username to sign up.
  • Make Your First Investment: Visiting the ‘deposit’ section of the UI will allow you to invest using various payment options like PerfectMoney, BitCoin, and Payeer.
  • Track the Growth of Your Investment: Your sales will be added to your account daily, and all you’ll have to do will be sit back and look at the profits your investments earn you.

Withdraw Your Earnings:

Coince lets you withdraw your earnings daily, and all your withdrawal requests are completed within 24 hours. However, you’ll only be allowed to withdraw the currency you invested.