Computer Games are Fighting Up of Cheaters & Hackers

Valorant aimbot

If you have ever played any computer game, which has the most competitive element, probably you have played against the cheater. No matter whether it is that sniper bullet, which felt a bit accurate, person teleporting over the map, or opposition that somehow knows what angle you are going to peek from each single time. Some world’s top popular computer games are fighting back against the cheaters in the most interesting ways —as cheating become the bigger problem. We are interested in ways that Riot Games will prevent Valorant cheats and hacks. To summarize:

Wallhack-resistant with fog of war:

Valorant game is combating the Wallhacking with the integrated anti-cheat program that can be rolled out at its launch. Whereas the complete details of this system are confidential, the Riot Games have actually implemented fog of war program that essentially results in the opponents getting non-existent until they’re visually present on the monitor – and rendering the classic wall hacks. 

No More Speedhacks:

Game settings & authorizations happen on a server side that means players will not change their settings locally. And this makes it just impossible to use the speed & teleportation hacks.

Valorant aimbot

Cheat detection:

There are two kinds of the anti-tamper systems used: one is already in the use for the League of Legends, and new system (known as “Vanguard”), that can be highly evolving method of the cheat detection, which includes banning cheaters instead of waiting out for the reports. Players that are in the game where cheater gets detected can have a match ended without any penalties, so the game is not one-sided & time isn’t wasted. This game server has complete power, and client is just the shell that is monitored constantly by the Vanguard anti-cheat system.

The aggressive anti-cheat software precautions mean that server architecture will be of utmost importance. The Riot Games assures the strong netcode with 35 millisecond latency for the players in the major cities across the world. Even though your opponent lags out, the movement can appear very smooth as Valorant may upscale the movement that will match the global server rate of 128.

To win at the Valorant game, you will require real skill & practice (maybe use same keyboard that the professional use for getting edge in Fortnite). So, we hope you are really excited for the cheat-free Valorant gaming experience!


Developers behind PUBG, Call of Duty, and Destiny 2 have announced one big pushes to react to the cheating in current weeks. Hottest game over Twitch, Valorant, is not even out, and cheating already is one big problem that has to get addressed. Cheating in the PC games is not the new phenomenon.