A Complete Guide to Buying Commercial Refrigeration Systems for Your Kitchen

Commercial Refrigeration

A kitchen can be basically categorized into two types either a residential one or a commercial one. Even though the main activity carried out in both of them is cooking but there is a difference between the two in terms of how they function. The main aim of a residential kitchen is to feed an average sized family whereas a commercial kitchen is intended to feed people in huge numbers depending upon its capacity.  Hence there is a difference between the two in terms of size, capacity and most importantly the appliances. If we go by functionality and use the appliances in both the residential and industrial kitchen are similar but yet different. Both will have similar types of appliance but they are different in terms of power and capacity. Industrial kitchens will have appliances that have storage capacity and power as compared to the others. The article below discusses one of the most important appliances in the commercial establishment called the industrial refrigerator. Depending upon need and size there are various types available in the market.

commrcial kitchen


The first and the most common in the category is the reach-in refrigerators placed in an area that is easily accessible. These come in variety of sizes and are ideal to store any amount of raw material and food. This type of refrigeration systems also come with dual temperature settings ideal for storing two types of foods in the same area. Apart from the temperature setting they also come single and dual door designs as well. Another common type of industrial refrigerator found in the commercial establishments is the worktop refrigerator.  They are usually located in the middle of the kitchen and are equipped with a preparation table. These are ideally used at a pizza, sandwich or a salad station. Next in the list are the bar refrigeration systems ideal for storing alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. These are designed in such a way that they can be placed in the customer view. These come in two variations one with a solid door and the other with a glass door. The temperature system is designed to keep the quality and taste of the drink intact.

Other then these common refrigerators there are display cases mainly used for storing food that needs to be kept in the view of the customer. This helps the customer make their purchase decision easier. Another interesting type is the walk-in refrigerators which come with the facility where one can move inside the fridge.