What are the Biblical Facts about Archangel Michael?

            The Scripture provided the two names of good angels, who play vital roles in human history. Michael is one of these two angels. While not every name of the angel was given, the reality that his name was called out in Scripture is important. The name Michael has the definition of “Who is like God”. In the Bible, (Daniel 10:13) he is known as “one of the chief princes”. Also in (Daniel 12:1) the “great prince”.

The angels in Bible are mostly portrayed as messengers. Yet, in three books Michael is described as fighting and contending. Or standing from all principalities and evil spirits. Michael is mostly shown carrying the scales of justice or with a sword. He wears armor in renaissance paintings. These all symbolize strength, truth, and courage. Michael is occupied in a constant war against the evil forces. His well-known example of this is when he cast Lucifer. Also his followers out of heaven.

Do you want to know more about archangel Michael? Here are some biblical facts you should know.

Michael Escorts Departed Souls

            Based on the Testament of Abraham, Michael informed Abraham he was about to die. God was asked by Abraham if he could sight all the wonders of the world. So that he could face death with no regrets. Michael grows his guiding expertise by escorting Abraham on a tour of the world. Later, he took Abraham to be ready for his death.

Michael Relies on the Lord

            Michael is still submitting to the Lord totally despite his great power. In Jude 1:9, where it is seen his dependence on the Lord’s power. Yet, when the archangel Michael combat with the devil. And was debating about the body of Moses. He did not suppose to pronounce a disrespectful judgment.  He told that the Lord rebuke you. The righteous angels are submissive to authority and have a rank. And with this reason, they are used as an image of a wife’s submission to her husband. The strength of Michael, if you take consideration, the submission to God is all beautiful.

Biblical Facts about Archangel Michael

Michael Serves as Guard Over Israel

            In Daniel’s last perception, an angel narrates how the remaining days will playout for the Jews. During this time that Michael (Daniel 12:1), the mighty prince who stands guard above. Over the sons of your people will occur. Though the Bible doesn’t say in detail what standing guard means. But understandably that Michael has special obligations for Israel.

Michael only Utter Four Words in the Bible

            In Greek words, it is counted as Three, yet it is often translated into four English words. “The Lord rebuke you”, Michael says to Satan.

Michael  Debates with Satan about Moses

            Michael directly withstands Satan. Jude informs that Michael contends with Satan about the body of Moses. Sadly, not much detail was given on what the argument was about. Jude does mention that Michael wasn’t so bold to enunciate a railing judgment. Yet, what he says is enough to merit biblical reference.

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