High Court ready to remove ban against Mutton sales on Mahavir Jayanthi

Bombay High Court bench plea against the mutton sales on the Mahavir Jayanthi festival since 2015, and another bench ready to drop the 14 year ban on mutton vending during these festival period of Jains. The Mahavir Jayanthi is considered to be one of most decorated day in the Jain religion and one of most followed religion in North India.

The government counsel gave this information about the justice breaking the ban on the meat sales on the occasional day.

Voice of Bombay Mutton Dealers against this ban

The court bench is ready hear the Bombay dealers associations, as they say they need a quick solution for this meat vending during these festival days. In 2003, a similar circular have already passed against this ban on Mahavir Jayanthi. The government final verdict says that the all municipal corporations and council should ensure that all slaughter houses to remain closed for every year during this period.

Mahavir Jayanthi

The justice who is handled by the Bombay mutton dealers, the bench states that the government should come up with a mechanism of fixing up dates on the sales of meat, and there is no law under which the government could issue such directions to civic bodies.

Final words from the government

There are two other similar cases against for the ban of meat sales on Mahavir Jayanthi, These two cases have been rejected by the court as no one has opposed. The final verdict is that the court adjourned the hearing for next two weeks. Bombay is the only city to oppose the ban; as all other major cities in India have ordered the meat slaughter house to remain closed for that day.

Since India is characterized by its religious beliefs and their practices, Throughout India religions play an important role in the country’s culture. Jainism is one of most followed religion in India and are scattered all over the country, for them Mahavir Jayanthi festival is important day in their calendar. So there is nothing wrong in closing the meat stalls for a day.