Coffee table types which suites your home

square coffee table Singapore

Basically a coffee table is long and low in height table which is mostly kept near the sofa in the living room.  These coffee tables come in different shapes and size like round coffee table, square coffee table Singapore and oval shaped coffee table. These tables are used to place newspapers, magazine, books or any types of beverages. Most of the coffee tables are made up of glass, wood or metal. Some coffee tables come with draws where you keep you books or the magazine which you would like to read in that particular time which will also avoid accidents like falling of beverages on the books and spoiling it.

Few styles of coffee tables

Shaker style: This style of wood coffee tables follows the principalities of simplicity, usefulness and integrity. I have simple four legs and have drawers and the top is to some extent sloping edge.

Cottage or country style: Both cottage and country tables are similar. These tables are basically painted with different designs which depict the culture of that place and they have twisted or turned legs.

Industrial style: This style will remind you of the industry look they are made of metal and wood which is well-built. Industrial style coffee table best suits for the places where the look of the room is soft.

square coffee table Singapore

Let see few types of coffee table

Natural cleverness 

Natural coffee tables, which almost looks like piece of wood placed on four legs the top of it clearly shows the ring of the wood and the face of is painted and the wood is made into a smooth face. It is very different type of design.

Industrial type

The metal which is used to make the frame and the legs of the table gives it an industrial look. This type of table comes with storage box, open layer and top surface it made with the glass. The glass top helps you to see all the things placed on the open layer. While it gives a different look but also all the items kept on the open layer should be maintained neatly so that it does not spoil the look of the coffee table. A messy arrangement may not give pleasant look to your guest.

Timber logs

These tables are made with tree logs. You get them in different height which will create a good attraction piece. It can be used as single person table and used for multipurpose like you can use it as seating table.

Multi purposeful

This coffee table can be used for multipurpose as it has a storage area where you store the items which are not seen so no need to worry about arranging the items in proper way. It also has a short working surface which can be used for your work while you are seating in a living room.

Hope this information is enough for you to select the best coffee table for your home.