Is A Cat Flap Installation A Security Risk?

More often we come across people who have pets like dogs or cats at their respective places. Such people prefer getting cat or dog flaps installed at their homes in order to ensure free movement of their little pets in and out of the house whenever they feel the need to do so. In accordance with the unique requirements and size of the pet you have at your home, these flaps are installed in a customised way at the owners’ place. Numbers of people wonder if the cat flap installation is a security risk for your home and its inmates. Let us try to find an apt answer to this question in the current blog.

Small flaps are preferable

One of the most important points worth paying attention to as far as cat flap installation in a safe way is concerned is the size of such flaps. The size of the flap should be such that only the pets at your home are allowed to pass through the same. Make sure it is small and the entry of adults is totally prevented through it. Risk at large scale to any property due to such flaps is posed only due to the large size of the same. Smaller sized flaps obstruct entry of adults and hence are quite safe.

Make sure you use sturdy materials for the cat flaps

Again it is very much important to be attentive about the materials of the cat flap. You must ensure that highly sturdy and durable materials are used for installation of such flaps. It is because such flaps can hardly be broken or removed by the intruders and hence a safer option for your little pet and the entire home.

Make sure your keys are in safe place

One of the major risk factors that may propel criminal activities at your place is the keys of your house. In simple words, you must ensure that keys of the front door as well as other important corners of your home are kept at a safe place and at distance from such flaps. By keeping your keys safely, you may certainly prevent taking away the same by the intruders for any mischievous acts.

To conclude you may ensure total safety of your place and at the same time allow free and effortless movements of your pet with the help of a flap installed at your place. You just need to be a little bit careful while getting such flaps installed.