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Are you facing trouble with financial decisions?

Big businesses like the public and private firms always face an issue with their financial statements. They find difficulty in maintaining their records and being up-to-date with their financial deadline and many other transactions. LC Lawyers LLP, an independent law firm in Hong Kong, can help you solve these issues. They can also help you by providing much other financial advice and help in the decision-making process. They offer quality legal services to financial institutions in various areas, whether you are a corporate client or a private enterprise. You can find more details about their services on their website as well.

The Backdoor Listing

Backdoor listing is mainly the transaction and arrangements by which private firms become public without listing its shares on a stock exchange by listing application. The reverse takeover hong kong rules primarily govern the backdoor listing. The business had conducted many reviews of its regulations and has adopted many practices to improve the regulations of backdoor listing and shell activities.

Corporate Law Firms

Mergers and Acquisition services

Being an independent law firm, LC Lawyers LPP provides various mergers and acquisitions hong kong services. It would help if you looked into these to understand the offers they provide to their clients.

  • They provide help in a wide range of transaction types in Hong Kong. That may include acquisitions, disposals, amalgamations, mergers, takeovers, privatizations, tender offers, auctions, spin-offs, and gifts.
  • They look into targets of different natures like securities, tangible and intangible assets, and debts and loans.
  • They look into all the listed and non-listed public and private companies to provide better assistance to their clients.
  • They look into the takeovers, reverse takeovers, privatization lawyer assistance, and schemes of arrangement of companies that are in the list of Hong Kong.
  • They provide international corporate restructuring and taxation optimization.
  • They provide private equity and venture capital investments and pre-IPO investments to their clients in terms of capital.
  • They assist in fund formation and joint ventures of different natures.
  • They assist in a wide range of procedures like transaction strategies, corporate structuring, project management, legal, due diligence, pre-deal legal and regulatory compliance health checks, drafting corporate governance, and many more.

These integrated services ensure a smooth negotiation and implementation in their transaction. This way, the clients can worry less about their financial aspects and get the professional firm’s best services.

Trusted Law Firm

 ” Recommended” Hong Kong law firm in Asialaw Profile 2021 was the rank given to LC Lawyers LLP for two consecutive years. Their name was in the list of the best law firms and recommended lawyers in the directory. That shows their experience and professionalism in the field of law and finance. Now, you can easily trust this firm for all your financial advice.

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