Anouk Govil Talks About Why Staying Active Is Vital For All People

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Great way to attract other with your skin tone

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Traveling With Your Toddler? Here’s A Packing List For You, Parents!

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Bat is Life

Baseball has reached an unprecedented popularity these days. The worldwide popularity of the sport is evidenced by the existence of national and major leagues in almost all continents. There is also the world series. And the main protagonists? The bat and the ball. The baseball bat has a more interesting beginning The baseball bat had Continue Reading

Beat the Hell Out of Polygraphs

The use of polygraphs is considered as the most scientific approach in determining lies or deceptions.  People believe  that  a polygraph test or lie detector test can determine if one is lying or not. But this is not always the case. Polygraph tests have attracted critics. These critics question the accuracy of the instrument in Continue Reading