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Although a degree is not necessary to become a photographer, it gives a great advantage. There are more photography careers available for degree-holders. If you have no idea about the possible careers photographers can have, here are some of the most common.


This career focuses on newsworthy people, events, and places. It usually involves sports, politics, and the community. Most photojournalists submit their works to newspapers, journals, magazines, and even television. Some photojournalists work as salaried staff employees. There are also those who own a business and work as freelance photojournalists.

Studio or portrait photographer

This kind of photographer often works in a studio. The main task is to take photos of groups or individuals. Studio or portrait photographers are often seen in events. These include weddings, school ceremonies, and community events. Most of these photographers own a business. They arrange for advertising themselves. They also schedule appointments, buy supplies, keep records, and bill customers. Mounting and framing pictures are also part of their job. Some even hire and train new employees to keep things smooth.

Fine art photographer

Most fine art photographers are self-motivated and enjoy creative freedom. They sell their photos to libraries, galleries, interior designers, architects, and hotels. Some even sell work to the government, churches, community centers, and banks. There are some who only sell on a freelance basis or by commission.

Pro Photographer

Commercial or industrial photographer

Commercial or industrial photographers are among the most common in this field. Photos used for books, advertisements, catalogs, and wide media are often from them. They have a wide variety of objects and subjects. These include models, buildings, merchandise, and landscapes. Industrial photography involves taking photos of machinery and workers. They also take photos of products that help workers in analysis, public relations, and business strategies. Industrial photographers usually take photos at the site of its use.

Fashion photographer

Other than fine art photography, fashion photography supports artistic and creative ideas. It is a middle ground between commercial and portrait photography. A fashion photographer needs to have great people skills and have a passion for fashion. Most fashion photographers work for magazines and fashion websites. Freelance fashion photographers either sell their existing photos or work on commissions.

Scientific photographer

One of the least popular when it comes to photography is scientific photography. It is an interesting profession with very high demand but people tend to ignore it. A scientific photographer records data that illustrates technical information by using photos. They usually take photos for the purpose of science, business, medicine, and government. These photos are usually seen in training, exhibitions, and conferences. These photos capture experiment results in an alluring manner.

No matter what kind of photographer you decide to become, it is crucial to keep on improving. Gain experience and try to learn more.