Sell your house fast!

Sell your house

For quite a while now individuals have trusted the most ideal approach to offer their property, regardless of whether it be house, level, manor or townhouse, was through a estate agents. Such were the house cost expands that individuals were ready to pay the domain specialist commissions, without  halting to consider the regularly extortionate expenses they were being charged.

Selling houses is a huge hassle but there are instances that we need to sell it, and we have to sell it fast. With we’re going to help you look for an easy way to sell your home without hassles, no unnecessary repair, no commission fee and no long waits that may end up for the worse.

With our services, we offer a free, no obligation cash offer to your home, whatever the current condition or location of your home, and whatever the circumstances are. As we all know, it is really frustrating to see your sale break down is a fail because the prospect buyer can’t get a loan, or the bank does not want the house at that condition, asking for expensive repairs that would cost you more. With our services this is not going to happen, we don’t need to have a professional appraisal for the bank to work its magic.

Sell your house

Another thing why you should work with us is that you don’t have have that long traditional wait for the buyers to come see your home, we go in, offer the price for your home, then purchase the deed, everything done. With the traditional method, the waiting time will make you go crazy, it might take months or even years before the money gets in your hands.

We can help you!!

Once the price is settled, you can consider the deed is done!

We offer fair prices for you home and can close the deal in as little as 48 hours, and you will pay no real estate commission, fees or any other hidden or unnecessary charges. You can put your trust in us, you’ve been buying homes for 12 years, and have worked with more than 150 estates in just a year. With our resources, experience and abilities, you surely have a win-win situation when you work with us!

How the deal works

You can contact us in (505) 273-5519 or send in your information in our website:

After this, we shall contact you as soon as possible, work on the details of your home and schedule a visit of the estate.

After the site visit, we shall make a cash offer, this a no obligation offer. If the price fits your estimate, we shall close the deal with cash, yes; this is a no hassle deal! Furthermore, we buy the house as is with no repairs and unnecessary requirements for your family, easy, fast and convenient!