“Automobile”- the word strikes us with lot of energy and spark. The automobile industry is one of the rocking industries which are changing India in day to day living. Without automobile industry how could our transportation be?? Its unimaginable going back to bullock carts. The industry has given a large amount of output on cars and bikes. The simplest vehicle on the road is bike but car is something which represents luxury.


Lot of cars has evolved from vintage cars to flying cars. The cars evolved from time to time like humans developed from ancient ages. Along with the development in lifestyle the luxury and design of the cars started to perish. In this article let us take a look about “Hindustan ambassador” one of the royal heritage cars of India.

Hindustani Ambassador: A detailed view

As the name it gives the hint of who is the manufacturer. The car has been manufactured by Hindustani motors. It was on road for the first time in 1958.

The Hindustan ambassador has been a masterpiece for Indian roads. Those are the cars in which our famous leaders travelled. They had given an identity to our culture. Cars are not simple machines they become one among the race.

The car ranges from various models till 2014. Let’s not leave the history as mystery. The car had various models named as below

  • Mark-I
  • Mark-II
  • Mark-III
  • Mark-IV
  • Final generation

The model Mark-I has a wide craze for the first on road drivers. The car was designed based on Oxford Series. When each generation “G” car came on road it had an extra added feature for attracting everybody with its uniqueness. The 1st G had its kind of steering wheel in dished shape and a dimpled bonnet has made it more pretty.

As the name christened as Mark-I evolved to Mark-II or Padmini. It had a specific design in lights along with bumper emerged. Later on the Mark-III was on road with specific Face-lift at the front of the car making it more fascinating. The new dashboard was designed which gave a clear reading of its speed on road. As the rain pours on at same direction the car’s sweeper also started to roll on single direction as a add on feature.

Then came the “DELUXE” model of ambassador. It had a new outlook of its mouth with a stringed lyre like appearance with newly flashing headlights. The car was in various colors ranging from white and black to blue.


This model was the most successful model designed by Hindustan Company completed dedicated for the customers different level of travelling. The new launch had manual five speed gear box.

super nova


Little alteration in “amigo” comes on road alive as avigo. As amigo represents friend avigo too became a friend for our people. The car has evolved with different number plates like Madras state transforming to TN 01. This evolution can only be seen in ambassador car which is often on road and kept as an antique in our grandparent’s home.

On the rocks I roll” is the silent tagline for ambassador. It has been a great part in our lives. To know about our history is good but knowing the cars of history is real good. As this article shows the majestic features added to a car to make the standard of living in a higher phase. Like cars our life are even though we get thrashed and smashed on road, let us come out with a super nova version of us!!!!