Simple way to repair your tap by yourself

repair your tap

If your kitchen or bathroom tap begins to leak, then it is the first thing you have to look for. Because it wastes a lot of water so it needs an immediate attention. It is very important to know that what type of tap you are using; different types of taps require different types of treatment and replacement. Every type of taps needs different type’s washers, for instant rising and non rising tap needs washer that is different from the ordinary one hence before you are starting to repair your tap, try to know its type and buy the right washer.

If you have a leaking tap in your home then this article will greatly help to repair it by yourself.

 repair your tap

Before start repairing it is best to gather some important tools which you need for repairing the tap like wrench, screwdriver, rubber washers, pliers and steel wool. Then start the repair by turning of the water supply for the tap by closing the valve under your sink. Once you have made sure that the water is off, remove the decorative head on the tap, after that remove the screw at the top of the tap with the correct screwdriver. Once you have removed the screw you can pull the handle of the tap off.

After you have removed the screw you can see the packing unit, use the wrench and remove the nut, at the bottom you will see the washer which is usually black and made of rubber. This will be held with a tiny screw and you have to loosen the screw to remove the washer. Once you have removed the screw examine the washer and find if there is any fault in it, if so you can replace it with the new one and reassemble the tap.