3 Guaranteed Ways Instagram Can Boost Your Business


Having approximately 800 million users, Instagram is a social media application which provides more involved followers in a less competitive environment as opposed to other popular sites. As an edgy application, it enables users to share photos and videos on their personal accounts.

Meanwhile, for those with businesses, Instagram is a remarkable avenue to feature their product or service to a more tailored market. With capabilities like this, it certainly ensures companies to benefit from what Instagram has to offer. Whether you’re an established business or just recently started, take a look at our list of three guaranteed ways Instagram can boost your business:

Creatively illustrate your business  

Compared to other social media application, Instagram focuses on more visual content. Through your account, you can share images, short videos known as Boomerangs, or even one-minute videos you personally made. Moreover, you can reinforce the value of your business by imparting to your clients your firm’s culture, vision, mission, or merely share expert tips and step-by-step practices.

Aside from that, you can creatively illustrate your business through Instagram Stories. With this feature, it allows you to present your content in a slideshow format which lasts only for 24-hours, though Instagram allows you to save it to your device for re-use afterward. One of the advantages of Instagram Stories is that it is visibly shown just below the application’s logo.


Further, you can widely employ a variety of content from photos, Boomerangs, videos recorded backward, or even live videos and discover which format your target audience will appreciate and like. To learn more about the value of Instagram likes head on to https://www.helpwyz.com/service/buy-instagram-photo-likes/.

Reach out with hashtags

To broaden your reach, you can include hashtags in your posts. In incorporating hashtags whether it is a popularly general or specific to your own campaign, it makes it simple for others to search for content related to your business.

While the maximum allowed per Instagram post is thirty hashtags, it is highly recommended you include three to five hashtags per post. You can tailor your hashtag to your own campaign or add commonly used ones to boost chances of your content being discovered.

Show what happens behind-closed-doors

With people inherently curious, showing how your business works or how products are made will surely generate engagement. Primarily suitable for those eco-friendly goods, companies can showcase how materials are sourced, produced, and distributed.

If this is something that is impossible to share, then you can likewise display public memos, scribbles in whiteboards, or your own sketches. Brainstorming is part of every business, now it’s up to you on how you will creatively present it to engage your clients.