A Complete Guide To Car Paints

Whether you are planning to paint your car or have it done by an expert, you need to know the kinds of paints involved in the entire process. Understanding paint for cars will help you to make a wise decision and get the right choice for your car. Read on to know about the car paints and how do they work. 


Just like walls, primer is used to cover the surface of the car, making it ready to paint. Generally, primers are used to help the paint to stick to the car’s surface or else it will fail to bond properly, making it look shoddy. As a result, you can see chips and flakes coming out. Henceforth, you can say that primer act as a binding layer. 

Base Paint Coat

As the name implies, the base coat goes on top of the primer, but one should understand that base coats do not have any hardeners or strengtheners. This means it is a raw paint which sits on top of the primer layer. However, if left in the raw form, you can find some blemishes because it allows the moisture to come in, forming rust on the surface. Often, base coats are used with a clear coat which aids in protecting the primer, paint and the frame of the car. 

Clear Paint Coat

This is actually a paint which does not contain any colour. The function of clear coat is not to add hues, but to protect the paint that is present underneath and make it stand out. Sun’s UV rays result in oxidation which is one of the biggest reasons why paint gets damaged. Clear coats have UV inhibitors that shield the car from the harmful UV rays, preventing the colour from fading out. These paints for car have polyurethane or urethane finishes that give a high-gloss shine which can be maintained for years. 

Acrylic Lacquer

These lacquers are specially used on antique or classic cars, providing the most glaring polish on a vehicle. However, this lustre comes with a high price and does not provide much protection like a clear coat finish, hence must be used on limited cars. Maximum times, acrylic lacquers are mixed with thinners which make them easier to spray on the vehicles.

Do some research and before you choose paints for cars. Understand how the different layers work and which provides the best protection.