Driving Theory Test: A Basic Guide

Driving Theory Testing

Getting your driver’s license will get you on the road but you have to pass the driving test first. The test has two parts, the theory test and the practical test. You have two years to pass your practical test once you pass the driving theory test. You have to book-theory-test-online once more if you fail to pass the practical test in the given time.

The theory test

This test is a computerized exam you have to take and pass before your practical test. The test will gauge your knowledge of the highway code and driving regulations. The official DVSA guides are the basis for the test questions. It is possible to have a theory test booking online or over the phone. The test is around £20 in the United Kingdom. There are two parts in this test, a multiple-choice part and the hazard-perception part. The passing rate for learner drivers is around 43 out of 50.

Age restriction

Anyone aged 17 years old and above can take the UK driving theory test. There is also a way for 16-year-olds to take the test. They can apply for the enhanced rate of the mobility component of the PIP. PIP stands for Personal Independent Payment.

Driving Theory Testing

Things to bring

There are things you should not forget to bring if you are to take the test. Failure to bring these will cancel your test and there will be no refund available. Remember to bring your UK photocard driving license. You have to re-arrange your test if you lose your license several days before the test. It can take up to fifteen days so you have to ensure it arrives on time. There are also things you should not bring when you take the test. Earphones, bags, mobile phones, and watches are not allowed inside the test room. You will have to put them in a locker room before the test starts. A staff will make sure you have nothing you can use to cheat. If they catch you with prohibited items, not only will you be unable to take the test, they will ban you from driving. It can also mean a prison sentence in some cases.

Passing or failing

You will get a letter with a pass certificate if you pass your test. You can get these at the test center. You will need these to book your practical driving test. If you fail, you will still get a letter but the content will be why you failed. Use this information to practice on where you failed. You can take the test again after at least three days.

Make sure you have enough rest and food when you take the test. You can end up failing if you take the test when you are very tired and hungry.