The Most Important check before Buying a Car

Buying a car? Congratulations!! But did you check the history of the car? No? Then you should perform a REVS check before purchasing any vehicle especially if it is second hand.

What is  this check? REVs means the inspection that is carried out before the purchase of any second-hand vehicle. This process ensures to safeguard the people of Australia against the purchase of any vehicle that is encumbered or has debts owed for them.

On 30th January 2012 REVs was changed to PPSR. What is PPSR? Personal Property Securities Registration is the full form of PPSR and it includes all the single security interest information that is being imposed on all personal properties in Australia.

Why is it necessary?

You are investing thousands of dollars to purchase a car and won’t you find the details of the car that you are investing your money in? In my opinion, you definitely should. It is a wise as well as a smart step towards securing your investment. Is it mandatory? Well no, not really. It all depends on the buyer of the car whether he is willing to9 conduct REVs check or not.

REVS check

How much does it cost?

You can conduct  this check without even spending single money. All you need to do is Google for free REV Service and enter the VIN and search. But beware! Always these free services don’t provide all the correct information.

There is also paid services which provide accurate search history about the vehicle.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost much. For VIN, it costs around $5.80 and $8.89 by Rego. Well, the prices of REVs  vary as per the website used. Remember the more information you desire about your vehicle, the more you will be charged. But it’s worth the investment!

How can I do REVs?

It’s really simple and it’s really easy. First, you need to get the VIN or the Chassis number or the service number of the car. Then you need to find a website that provides REV services. Then all you need to do is enter the VIN and continue. It will conduct a thorough search from the Australian State and Territory REVs Databases and within seconds you will get your search certificate.

What information will I get from REVS check?           

Well before purchasing a used vehicle there is a lot of information that you should know. Whether the car is defective or not, whether it has been stolen or not, about the registration details of the car and so on. It’s really important to wrap your heads around these details before purchasing any vehicle.