What to look for when buying a used car?

One would like to write – everything, each used car news! But it is not so easy and when the time comes to inspect a particular copy, we often forget about half of the things we wanted to check, the second half is checked briefly, the seller perfectly covers the defects, and we get caught up in his game. Result? After a short time, the purchased car starts to fail, “different flowers” come out, and instead of happiness, after a successful purchase, there is bitterness and a lot of nerves. Is there a way to avoid this? Yes, but you need a lot of patience, sobriety of mind and reason.

Carefully review the ads

Each seller inclusing car dealerships in new york, regardless of whether he is a private person who sells his only car, or a professional trader, issuing more than a dozen ads per day, wants to sell the car quickly and profitably. It is clear that the announcement will mention the advantages of the car, while the defects will put somewhere by chance at the very bottom or omit them altogether. It is better to write about the fact that the tires are new and have traveled only 1000 kilometers, rather than describing the fact that they are the cheapest “Chinese” eligible for replacement.

The more honest ones simply skip the defects or mention them in a delicate way, the less they write, that the varnish is very nice, although in reality it will be heavily scratched or tarnished, or put straight on rust. It looks nice. From afar. In rain. After dark … It does not matter that after washing the car matte stains covered with wax will come out, and after a few months, there will be bubbles after improper painting. This is the worry of the new owner. When the advertisement is interesting, it is worth making a phone call and asking about things that interest us, such as mileage, technical condition, recent repairs and replacements of parts or fluids, accident history, etc. Even if all information is included in the announcement, we can sense in a live conversation, does the seller “turn things around” or boldly and probably answer difficult questions. It is very important to verify everything and make sure that the seller confirms the content of the advertisement before the inspection, especially if a long journey awaits us.