Bitcoin – The Monetary Revolution in Digital World

In modern times most of the money transactions are carried either by online platforms or card systems. But sometimes due to human or machine error some problems would arise during a transaction. To avoid such problems a new type of currency has been introduced in virtual world using cryptography known as ‘bitcoins’. These bitcoins are simply treated in the form of cash in digital world. The transactions of bitcoins are completely carried out in a decentralized network so it will be difficult to a person to interrupt the transaction. In this type of network the transaction is carried out in peer to peer mode without third party interference. Now a day more investments are done in the form of bitcoins to purchase different types bitcoins of digital assets. Many people are showing interest in bitcoins because it has low transaction rates, No taxes on a purchase. To know more about the bitcoins one must know about the transaction details and other aspects. So let us know about a bitcoin now.

As many people know that bitcoins are the cryptocurrency used for different purposes. But many of them do not have a proper idea regarding the process of acquiring a bitcoin and doing a transaction using a bitcoin. So let us acquire some information about a Bitcoin now in brief. First of all the user who wanted to earn a bitcoin has to set a Graphic User Interface (GUI) using his/her CPU. Now they are considered as a part of the network which is treated as node and it is connected to many other nodes in the network in order to carry out a transaction.

The transaction between two nodes is always monitored by a chain called block chain, it is called as immutable public ledger it has every detail of spending and earning of bitcoins and thus avoids the users to reuse the same bitcoins for different transactions. By this process the transaction remains incorruptible. Certain amount of blocks will be issued to the user to carry out the transaction and the details of each block together forms a block chain. To acquire a bitcoin one must follow a process called mining; the people can earn bitcoins by solving typical algorithms and some people use a particular company’s website which in turn gives bitcoins to the users. In order to store, spend, or receive bitcoins the user must have a digital wallet which help the user to perform a transaction. The various types of wallet available and can be chosen according to the user’s criteria, these wallets have the secret codes of bitcoins which helps to access the bitcoins.  In this way by following proper details regarding bitcoins one can access their own digital transaction using bitcoins.