For plural management

The decision should not be seen as a purely discretionary act, but as the result of a process marked by transparency and concerted action. The functions and objectives of public authorities should therefore consist in placing the exogenous at the service of the endogenous, in liberating, facilitating and promoting local initiatives, in supporting change, in seeking spaces for dialogue, in developing the interfaces between actors following a role of social mediation, to build a bridge between actors with diverse motivations, particular interests and varied logics, taking care of the general interest.

The decision-making process mentioned remains to be constructed; consultation requires having interlocutors and partners. At present, in Morocco, the central power junk removal melbourne fl is strong and omnipresent. The weakness of the intermediary structures other than the relays of the central power leads to placing the individual directly in front of the State; the result is an “atomization  ” of social relations. In rich countries, there is also a rise in individualism, but for other reasons.

These intermediary bodies should be relay structures for the participation of the inhabitants. They are likely to take various forms: neighborhood committees, associations, etc. They should not be associations created from the ground up and parachuted, which would constitute simple relay structures of the central power, nor centers of systematic opposition and political agitation. Furthermore, excessive politicization of the waste issue must be avoided. The principle of subsidiary should be applied. Decentralization also goes in this direction, provided that it is a real decentralization, accompanied by powers and financial means.

Do i have to pay the household waste collection fee if i do not produce any waste?

It is possible to be exempt from REOM when no use of the collective waste removal service is made, and there is traceability of the elimination of any waste produced. More and more households are able to drastically reduce or even eliminate all production of waste and, as a result, make little or no use of the public waste collection service. But these households are often obliged to pay the tax (TEOM) or royalty (REOM) for the removal of household waste junk removal melbourne fl, which even when it is incentive, seems to them too important with regard to the use, zero, that they do service. Let us take stock of the law.

Exemption from the fee for households producing no waste

A household that does not produce waste does not have to pay REOM if two conditions are met (NB: does not apply to territories subject to TEOM): The complete non-use of the public household waste collection service; Proof by the household that the disposal of any waste produced is done under the conditions provided for by the legislation in force (no pollution, no degradation of the environment or other harmful effects, etc.). Recall that REOM is, by definition a royalty, that is to say that it is paid in exchange for a service rendered by the community. In the absence of a service rendered, in short if the service is not used by a household, it is logical that no charge should be requested.