Hire Kist Display For Custom & Unique Designs

Do you need custom displays, pedestal & plinth specialists for your property? If yes, then get in touch with Kist Display.

They have a family-owned business operating in Melbourne, Australia. The company was envisioned by Michael, who wanted to take his skills of Furniture Design to another level. Using the years of experience in making props and sets for the film industry, they created a small business. Started out as customizing the products, now, the craftsmanship of Kist Display has gone beyond anyone’s expectations.

They provide their services to key industries such as:

  • Promotional Events
  • Trade Events
  • Florists & Wedding Coordinators
  • Photographers
  • Fashion
  • Retail

Whether you are living in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, or further abroad, they can deliver their products to you.

Designing is something that has no limits. From organizing an event to planning an exhibition, all events in people’s life need to be unique. And it is the decoration that makes the events intimidating and eye-catching. Therefore, Kist Display works with you and creates a custom design for the customers. Ranging from display material, props, sets, or anything else, Kist will take care of the job and deliver them to you without any delay.

custom displays, pedestal & plinth specialists

Working for 9 years as a professional and experienced custom display and prop builders, they need to keep on improving their service. Even though they already have a service that makes them stand out from other services, the team is always working to provide tailor-made solutions to the customers.

Before someone hosts an event, they have a vision that they want to transform into reality. If you want to make sure that your idea comes to reality in the best way possible, then you know who to trust. The custom displays, pedestal & plinth specialist will ask you what you need and bring your ideas to life in a unique way.

Enquire & Get A Quote!!

If you have any special requirements, get in touch with Kist Display via the Enquiry and Quote Form. Share the visual details of the product that you want them to design. The service will get back to you as soon as possible to further get in-depth about your requirements. From the materials, dimensions, finish, to quantity, they will provide everything you want.

The things you put on display represent your choice of design and taste. And everyone wants to make sure that they have something unique. That is why Kist Display works hard to design and build a wide range of products for its customers. So, whether you need to display furniture, backdrops, benches, props, stands, or any other material to showcase and amplify your event, Kist is at your service.