How Your New Zealand Business Can Benefit from Using Branded Merchandise

New Zealand is an island country situated in the Southern part of the Pacific Ocean and the southeast part of Australia. Known as the Land of the Long White Cloud, the country boasts of varied topography, striking landscape and abundant animal and plant life.

This island nation is home to almost 5 million people and is highly noted for its high quality of life, exceptional education system, and a robust economy. Given the country’s economic stability and business-friendly environment, New Zealand is one of the best locations to start a venture in the Asia Pacific.

If you have a business in New Zealand, you should take advantage of its favourable corporate climate by continuously finding ways to boost your venture further. One such strategy is by finding a reputable supplier of custom branded items, like Fast Promotional Products, NZ, and ordering branded merchandise with your company logo and graphics.

Contrary to a common misconception, promotional items are still valuable in marketing your products or services. Below are some of the ways how branded merchandise can benefit your business:

Free Advertising

Running an ad on the local paper and relying on similar marketing approaches are not only expensive but time-bound as well. The longer you want your campaign to be visible, the more money you have to spend.

With branded merchandise, however, you get to experience free company exposure for months or even years without additional expense for as long as you choose the right promotional products. One recent study revealed that a majority of people hold on to branded merchandise for about eight months. This finding suggests that your “advertisement” is being seen much longer than your usual marketing campaigns.

Opt for promotional products that people would actually use and carry around, such as travel mugs and umbrellas, so that more people will see your brand. Imagine your customers turning into your brand ambassador whenever they use your corporate giveaways, without them even realising it.

Positive Brand Recognition

It is human nature to have positive feelings toward someone who gives you a gift regardless of the value of the present. The same principle holds true when your organisation gives away branded merchandise.


Those who receive your corporate giveaways will naturally have a favourable impression of your products or services. Whether the recipients realise it or not, they will be drawn to your brand as they become more familiar with your company.

Note that people do not need to directly receive promotional materials from you to influence their buying habits. The more branded items with your company logo are being used in different locations in New Zealand;  the more people can see them and become familiar with your brand. Imagine beating competitors because more people recognise your brand name instead of other available choices.

Customer Connection

Fast promotional products in NZ are more impactful than website ads or even commercials on television because they are more tangible and personal. When you give branded merchandise, you instantly build a positive connection with the recipient since the items express gratitude and affection, which goes a long way.

A study conducted by Georgia Southern University revealed that almost 72 per cent of participants who were given promotional items remembered the company who gave them the merchandise. More than 76 per cent of them also express positive feelings toward the business.

The items above are just some of the advantages of using branded merchandise to boost your business. Note, however, that you can only experience these benefits if you rely on credible suppliers, like Fast Promotional Products, NZ, as they can provide you with exquisitely designed and high-quality products for your needs.

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