Know Your Timber Supplier and Safe Yourself the Hassle

Having denied yourself the luxuries, saved for years, and accumulated the target amount you wanted to build your dream home, you wouldn’t entertain anything that threatens to corrupt the quality of the final project. Substandard building materials won’t result in a wretched project only, but eat up your savings without promising any returns. In selecting a timber supplier in Victoria, you need a company with an unbreakable record of supplying premium building supplies at cost-friendly rates.  It should be a facility managed by experienced specialists who focus their services to the unique needs of every customer.

Product Range

Established timber suppliers with years of active service offer lots of other products beside raw timber.  Bowens, a renowned Victorian industry leader in the supply and delivery of affordable timber hardware and materials never disappoints. They’ve in stock a wide variety of premium prefabricated roof trusses, lock-up and fixing materials, framing, timber and flooring, and top-end windows.  As an industry leader who prides in what they do and offer, they only deliver innovative products that match the modern-day applications.

timber supplier in Victoria

Delivery Services

Bowens’ delivery system and service is customized to save you the headaches. The company has enough trucks of all sizes to handle jobs of all sizes. Bowens supply big and small loads and their drivers are experienced enough to drive the trucks through difficult locations, narrow driveways, and any other hard-to-navigate environments.  We have a team of unloading specialists who will place your timber supplies wherever you desire be it inside a house or up the stairs.  They’ll call you early in advance to alert you about the delivery.  If they happen not to find you on the site, they will leave a delivery docket and the goods.

Customer Support

Not every time you’ll have the spare time to travel all the way to our yards to order the supplies. In some instances, you may be busy while in other cases, you wouldn’t feel like traveling. That shouldn’t worry or hold you back. You can reach out the team of specialists we have ready to receive and process orders. If it happens the goods aren’t delivered to your expectations, you can reach out to our team of experts to query the order and get fast solutions.


There is nothing more hurting than driving all the way to your preferred timber store only to find it closed. It’s seriously demoralizing and can make you disregard the idea of buying the timber. As with Bowens Timber Company, you won’t face such challenges. We are always open, and our customer representatives are at all times ready to give you the guidance you desire for your buying process to be stress-free and fun.

If the need for timber and related hardware to initiate or complete a construction project, it’s time you gave us a call. We at Bowens are determined to provide you with quality and affordable timber within the least time possible. As the best timber supplier in Victoria, we don’t disappoint when it comes to quality products and timely deliveries.