Make a Career Change Today, Be A Corporate Meeting Planner

A Corporate Meeting Planner is also called an “Event Planner.” Businesses and corporations usually hold meetings and events. Your job is to make sure that the meetings or activities are seamless from the start to the end. In most cases, you will be in charge of the venue, the lodging, and transportation of the guests.

Now, these tasks may seem easy, but as always, it’s easier said than done. You will be dealing with the higher bosses and you are the one who is will make sure that they are comfortable and gets the best service while they are in town. Your boss might need you most of the time. Meaning, this job will take long hours from your days. If you think you are right for this job, you can read further.

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Skills Requirement. You will be working under pressure most of the time. You just have to be composed and be calm in times when you think you’re about to panic because of the deadlines. You should be good with negotiation skills and customer service. You will be dealing with different types of people after all.

The Work Environment. You usually don’t have the same working schedule like anybody else in the office. Expect to work full-time but with irregular hours. This mostly happens when there is an event coming up. For sure, you will be on your feet most of these times.

Educational Requirements. Employers for this field need to have a formal training in event or meeting planning. This is a plus of course, but not a requirement. Most community colleges already offer certificates or undergrad courses needed for this job.

Being a Corporate Meeting Planner is one of the most challenging jobs today. If you feel that you work your best even under pressure, this is a good career choice for you. It pays good and has a lot of career opportunities. You just have to be patient and flexible to be successful.