The Classification of Thermostats to Understand Yours Better

There are numerous kinds of thermostats that are available in the market today. The differences are not limited to their functional modes but in how they work and what different features are available in it. Hence, the following article delves deep into how we can classify thermostats.blackhawksupply

Thermostats according to how they work

Line Voltage Thermostats: in this kind of thermostats the power comes to the thermostat then goes to the heating or cooling appliance. They can connect to single heating systems such as radiant systems or baseboard heaters.

Low Voltage Units: These can be used in both electric unitary systems as well as water heating. They work better with heating systems that use oil or gas. These are more efficient while having a better control of the current.

Thermostats according to programmability

Programmable: These are thermostats ideal for places with drastic temperature changes. This is because programmable thermostats not only provides with options to set temperature but allows to set temperatures for different times of the day. Thus, places which might have really cold mornings, and evenings but scorching days these thermostats will be highly coveted.

Non-Programmable: These are manual ones. /meaning that any change in temperature wanted by the user has to be implemented by her and the thermostat will remain in that temperature until farther changed.

Thermostats according to the technology used

Mechanical: These have bi-metallic heat sensitive strips that have vapor trapped in them which pass cool or hot air according to temperature changes. Being analogs their response time is slow and unreliable since they can’t sense temperature fluctuations.

Electronic: As the name suggests these have electronic circuits that read temperature changes. They can be more reliable and has a faster response time thus people tend to prefer them.

Thermostats according to features found

Wi-Fi controlled: Having wireless features these can be used and accessed from any part of the room by connecting it to any wireless devices. This features make changing temperature and controlling the thermostat easy without anyone being physically present near the device.

Physically controlled: These require physical presence near the control system and has touch screens or a button for changing the temperature or operating.blackhawksupply

The main difference in thermostats come down to the process in which the cooling and heating of the room are done. Thus, one can get Line Voltage or Low Voltage thermostats which can come in programmable and non-programmable variants. Blackhawk Supply’s Ecobee Thermostats which a comfortable user-friendly thermostat found with different features. Visit the site for more info.