The common pre-IPO mistakes done by investors

The opportunity to increase the quantity of money is available to all the investors. With the rising technology, the process has become simpler than ever. There are various startup companies that have come up with an excellent business plan.

Many investors like Alan Jiwan look for such a company to make their investment. If these company can walk the road well then it can collect a lot of revenue and make the investors rich. If you want to taste profits before the company goes IPO then you should avoid these mistakes.

Diligence is important

Startups have the highest risk ratio. Not all the startup can make up to the top to receive an IPO for all the angel investors. This becomes a tough task to invest in the right company. A startup does not have a past record that can assist them to look in the way the company has been performing and to decide if to invest or not. Hence one has to go deep into the financial theory and the potential of the idea the company embraces.

unfamiliar industries

A survey has concluded that the most of the successful angel investors research and analyze for about 40 hours. This gives them an achievement record of a profit that is 5 times more than the investment. On the other hand, the investors who hate the research that has an average profit of 1-2 times the investment.

Investing in unfamiliar industries

Investing is a wide term. With the number of an industry that is present you cannot claim profits from all. There has to be a particular area that you are passionate about and are familiar with. Focus on one platform can help you to understand that market better. Years of practice in the particular industry can help you have an idea and predict the profit, competition and the longevity of the company. There are two ways you would never fail.

  1. Invest only in the industry startup that you are familiar with or the industries that are closely related. This would help you with the process of research and make the right decision within a shorter time.
  2. If you want to expand the areas you invest then you can team up with investors in different industries. Be the support for each other to invest.


If you do the things contrary to the points then you will suffer loss.