Tips To Keep Your Investment Grade Pink Diamonds Safe

Keeping your valuable items safe should be your number one priority. You would need to take things a notch higher if you are planning to put your money on investment-grade pink Argyle diamonds.

Argyle pink diamonds are known for their high prices – a result of their rarity. Furthermore, the imminent closure of Argyle mine in 2020 is also contributing to the exponential increase of the market value of pink-coloured diamonds.

Since we live in the age of the internet, burglars are also aware of the above fact among other information. This means they will be on the lookout for opportunities to steal your valuable diamond investments if you are not careful enough. Being careful means you would need to implement certain safety tips to keep your diamond investments from the hands of ill-doers.

Let’s take a look into some aspects which when implemented can help you keep your diamonds safe.

Vigilance always pays!

You can invest a lot of money on surveillance systems, motion detectors and smart locks but all of these will fail if you don’t follow the basic principles of a vigilant individual.

Let’s take a look:

  • Avoid leaving your diamond investments out in the open.
  • Lock the doors/windows of your home before you take out the pieces.
  • Avoid keeping an extra key under the rug on your porch or inside a fake rock as they show in the movies.
  • Avoid hiring non-certified individuals as domestic help.
  • Always keep a close watch on people visiting your home whether they are your friends, colleagues or relatives.

Make a habit of checking your locks periodically

Locks are not the ultimate defence against the modern tricks of a criminal these days but they sure are ideal crime deterrents!

Be sure to equip your home with smart door and window locks. Investing in a home security system that activates as soon as someone breaks inside your home is also a good idea.

Equip your home with some enhancements

It is best that you equip your home with a specialised room where you can stash your diamond investments and other valuables in a top-of-the-line safe. Be sure to replace the door of the room with a reinforced one – a heavy steel door is preferable.

You can also add more layers of security in the form of motion detectors, CCTV surveillance systems, dead boils, and biometric locks that can read your retina as well as your fingerprints.

It is best to get your investment-grade diamonds insured

As soon as you step into the world of diamond investments you would need to make a habit of getting your pieces of investment-grade diamonds insured. Investment-grade diamond insurance policies are specialised products that come with some perks. In case your diamond investments got damaged, lost or stolen, you won’t be paying any premiums to the insurer.

In the end, you should keep in mind that the ‘one size fits all’ policy isn’t going to apply when it comes to keeping your investment-grade diamonds safe. It all depends on how many pieces of diamonds you own, the location of your home and the security measures you have in place. With that being said, having a few strategies at place is always better. Prevention is better than cure – remember that!