Why Its Better To Get Your Printers From Service Providers

Industrial printers are not for everybody. It’s big and companies use these printers for various purposes and can accomodate large amounts of paper, ink, in some steps and process a ton of prints and scans without overheating. Sure it’s not portable, it’s only movable because it has wheels, it’s big, it’s bulky and it’s never beautiful. But, it’s a reliable machine and its the best of the best when it comes to durability and reliability. Everything that compact printers have today like its feature-packed in a small package, all of those initially were introduced in the big and bulky industrial printers.

Although there is so much software that are into paperless, the fact is that you can’t really eliminate paperwork. E Signatures are still preposterous to most people, people still print stuff, photocopy stuff and its still pass on from one person to the other. Every day in an office, hundreds to a thousand paper sheets are being circulated every day that is a byproduct of printing and scanning. When it comes to getting your next printer a company has 2 options, buy printers for themselves or hire a service that they can buy, rent or lease a printer. There’s a good reason why you should go for the 2nd option.

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It’s less costly: Believe it or not, it’s actually less costly to get the help of a service provider. This is because everything is covered by the contract and they take care of everything. If you buy 200 printers from a store, everything will be your responsibility. From repairs to returns, logistics are yours and not to mention, the task of making sure that every printer functions the way it was supposed to. If you get a service provider they do all of that for you. There are fewer people, less work and less hassle.

In can be contract-based: Contract based is your assurance. Its the liability of the service provider to provide you with the things that you need. Basically everything that you need to make the printer running they will take care of that for you. Below are the main things that service providers offer their customers:

  • Printer delivery
  • Printer supplies delivery
  • Printer maintenance
  • Printer repairs
  • Printer replacement
  • Printer storage
  • Printer disposal

Procurement and disposal are easy: If you buy from any store directly the only thing that will be happy are the agents that sold you the printer. You will be the ones that will do the window shopping and that is very tasking since office procurements are always on paper and follow due process which makes it a bit complicated due to legality issues. If the printer is in its end of life you’re also going to have the tasking job of disposing of the printers which are a pain based on the bulk of it. But if you go for a service provider they will take care of that for you.

Industrial printers are big, bulky and its an acquired taste. But, it’s reliable and heavy-duty which makes it very reliable and the lifespan is really solid. But, acquiring one is a pain if you buy it. Why not just make an agreement and sign some contracts with a printer provider because it simply makes sense on a lot of things. If you’re looking for a printer service provider that offers a multifunction printer lease Sydney, visit the link.