Will lottery ICO revolutionize the global lottery?

The grand age-old lottery market is about to get disrupted worldwide.  For millennia, lotteries were never transparent and tended to be operated by monopolies, often the downside is that in the lottery world the fees and commissions are unclear also jackpots values remained volatile and low. However, things are going to change as different lottery companies have announced to start lottery ICO. An estimate in lottery industry reports only a meager 4% of lottery industry is online, signs show increasing number of online lottery providers is taking advantage to become pioneer in the space.

The investors are keen to discover the benefits of the revolutionary idea as it will offer transparency to all stakeholders. Experts in the field believe the transformation will bring a fairer lottery system with better odds as opposed to what currently exists. The jackpots are going to be impressively huge and with better odds. The system will further create balanced ratio of winners and happy players. Game winning in lottery ICO will primarily be paid in tokens into player’s wallet or a lottery ICO crypto pre-paid card that can be carried and used globally. Undoubtedly, lottery ICO will be one of the best options to invest in the coming years.

lottery ico

When you choose to invest, you must select a company with substantial industry background that offers unique product with lucrative gains. Blockchain will have a huge impact in lottery ICO as stakes and winnings will be made transparent without third party involvement. All transactions are fully decentralized and transparently managed by an Ethereum smart contract and will be available on a public ledger on blockchain. Finally, there is the transparent lottery ICO whereby investors and their funds are protected like never before.

How lottery ICO will work?

Prior to ICO- 14 days, before the ICO is initialized and certain value of ETH equivalent is put into the smart contract to fund the prize. During the ICO-, the well structured contract will accumulate ETH from Crowd sale sponsors, with ninety percentage of fund remaining in smart contract. 10% of the raised sum will be sent to the development team for the marketing budget. After the ICO- Income from the ticket, sales will be retained by the smart contract. Dividend payouts- Token holders will receive a dividend for a certain Ethereum blocks.

A fixed percentage of all lottery income that comes from the tickets sales is allocated to dividend payouts. Lottery ticket sales- 94% of ticket sales will go directly toward the Jackpot. The 5% is designed for Play token holder’s shared values and the last 1% will go to the lottery’s associates. This sharing of values from ticket sales assurance the jackpots continued growth, ensures the lottery ico will consistently, and dynamically rises in popularity.