How important is disability awareness? And why should you be a part of it? Find out here

A person’s disability plays a huge role in his or her life—regardless if it is about being positive or being negative. However, overcoming these challenges and developing their own confidence is also vital and should be admired by everyone. As a society, it is the duty of everyone to allow a disabled person to experience a good life. As all of us are different, however, very much alike at the same time.

The importance of disability awareness has been the attention and the prominence for the last decades that paved the way to make it easier for people that have disabilities and the society in developing empathy for each other. The disability awareness helps them in subsiding the stereotypical mindset of the society, hence it provides an equal opportunity for everyone in being involved in creating a more positive, and a more inclusive society that does not discriminate disability either color, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

According to statistics, there is about fifteen percent in a billion people that have a form of disability that can either be physical or mental and the prevalence has increased over the years especially in third-world countries. Around one-fifth of this estimated number, there is about 110-million up to 200-million people experience significant disabilities. These people are often experiencing discriminatory attitudes in fields of social economy, employment, justice, education, and even in health where they needed it the most.

To add more, disability awareness has signified in providing education to society about disability and how a person can help in contributing to the needed changes. Learning acceptance is always the fundamental key to understand the proper approach to disability awareness which hence can also happen anywhere either at home, at a workplace, schools, and other institutes.

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However, there is still a lot of discrimination towards people with disabilities and that can lead to negative outcomes in the society especially in the life that individual that suffers from either physical or mental disability.

Therefore, to create a much better future for everyone, each of us should try our best in minimizing the discrimination that people with disabilities encounter on their daily lives and also to promote the awareness of this through different platforms so that we can strengthen the foundation of empathy and break social norms and stereotyping for people with disabilities.

This can all be possible if you contribute or raise awareness on the existence of disability support service which is either run by the government or a private entity.

Disability support services ensure that institutions should meet their obligation in providing access and equality to people with disabilities. Their main goal is providing people with disabilities the equal accommodations that they are entitled while at the same time protecting their integrity, their rights, and their well-being in the society through different disability support services.

Although it is very difficult for support service providers, they are gaining more and more support from the society, especially in the government that is now more aware of the importance of disability awareness in a community.