How to choose an online proctoring service for hiring?

In the past decade, technology has made a lot of things simpler. Exam invigilation is one of them. It used to be that invigilators had to keep their eyes and ears open, to detect any signs of suspicious activity, and be extremely vigilante to catch any candidate involved in unwarranted activity while taking an exam.  Like most things traditional, invigilation, or proctoring, as it is called has been made better with online proctoring services.

How do online proctoring services work?

These services work exactly like in-person invigilation, using facial recognition to identify candidates. A few services may require candidates to type or put in certain phrases to further confirm a candidate’s identity. The phrase is further analyzed keystrokes with previously entered phrases. Since these exams are administered through applications, candidates are required to download application on their device, laptop or desktop. The candidate is required to show around to ensure that no one is around to assist him/her.    These applications prohibit cheating and maintain atime-bound test.

What types of proctoring services are available?

World’s top companies including Amazon, Facebook, Uber, among others use online proctored examto hire developers. There are three types of proctoring services –

  1. Live Online proctoring
  2. Recorded proctoring
  3. Automated proctoring

Live online proctoring– In this, candidates take online tests under the supervision of proctors. A candidate takes test while a proctor watches the candidate live through a web cam and checks for any signs of cheating. Proctors are trained to detect any signs like eye movement or changes in appearance, which indicate suspicious activity. This type of proctoring is expensive as it requires human intervention. So far live online proctoring allows limited candidates to take test, so it isn’t scalable.

Recoded Proctoring – As the name suggests, this type of proctoring saves video of a candidate’s test session. This recorded video is later used to check if a candidate took the test sincerely.

Advanced Automated Proctoring – This is the most popularly used proctoring service. Exam is completely automated – from candidate’s identification to assessment – everything is built-in. It doesn’t require any manual invigilation. This form of proctoring uses audio and video analytics to detect signs of malpractices. Since it doesn’t require manual intervention, it is most scalable among available proctoring services.

A few online proctors go to the extent of limiting test-taking to specific IPs and prohibiting copy-paste option which further maintains the integrity of the test.

So which proctoring should you choose?
Of all the forms of proctoring, automated proctoring meets the needs of most companies. It is most convenient. However, choose based on your requirements.

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