Telugu comedy web series that has adult comedy

The number of adult comedy shows released by the South Indian film industry is very less. Due to the lockdown and not having to pass the web series to the censor board, there has been a rise in the number of adult comedy web series being released online. Everyone knows some famous OTT streaming platforms. One such OTT streaming platform released by the Telugu film industry is aha.It was launched in March 2020 and has already been a favourite of Telugu movie fans and slowly is becoming a global streaming phenomenon. After subscribing to the streaming platform, you can watch web series online and have a nice time enjoying the movie and web series.

Another web series that has been a favourite among the Telugu masses is the new adult comedy web series Shit Happens. As the name suggests, the web series plot also revolves around some shenanigans caused by some friends. Three friends Harsha, Sameer, and Sathvik are known as the Dry Batch among their college friends. To make things worse, they are very bad at initiating a conversation with women. Their parents also bring them into an environment where they try to find excuses, so the boys do not fall in love with a girl. Things turn out to be very unfortunate for the three when they decide to hire a hooker in a desperate attempt to prove to their friends that they are cool. The real story begins around the time when the hooker they hired dies at their house. Since they are newbies to this situation, they are unaware of what must be done and hence starts a fun-filled web series full of twists and turns. The plot is very interesting for an adult comedy. Three friends who are always questioned about their virginity one day hire a hooker, and the matter becomes worse when they find the hooker dead in their house. This web series is directed by Prasanth Kumar Dimmala and produced by HarshaChemudu, Durga Rao Gunda and NouryaSiddavaram. SaiprakashUmmadisunghu composes the music. The web series was released on 08 February 2020.

The plot of an adult comedy must be the one like Shit happens. It has all the necessary elements to bring adult comedy to life. Factors such as a group of three friends, their insecurities about sex, and the ultimate solution of hiring a hooker to fulfil their needs all help contribute to adult comedy’s success. The direction and the cinematography are very important for delivering a powerful and laughs guaranteed adult comedy. The dialogue delivery and the comedic timing of the actors make up that the adult comedy does not have an impactful soundtrack or music. When hiring for adult comedy stars’ role, the director must always choose such actors who have a habit of delivering such double meaning punchlines. For Shit Happens, the actors chosen were youtube stars which helped the adult comedy give the desired impact.

To sum it up

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