Check Out The 5 Top Bag Trends For 2020 On the Official Victoria Barbara Site

This year the fashion runways in Milan, New York, Paris, and other major runways of the world saw the emergence of super-mini purses to gigantic oversize bucket handbags. They dominated the stage with their creative designs and styles. With every new year, fashion lovers need to refresh their wardrobe and accessories like bags need to make their entry into them too. If you are a true fashionista and are looking for stylish inspiration for your handbag collection, check out the latest when it comes to textures, styles, and fashion below.

Get stunning 2020 bag trends on the official Victoria Barbara site

Victoria Barbara is an esteemed fashion blogger in the USA known for her high end and street style fashion collections. Her Official Victoria Barbara site is visited daily by her readers, who wish to keep in touch with the latest trends and styles. She says if you are looking for an outstanding bag collection this year, make sure you get these bags in your closet now-

1. Leather and canvas- In 2020, the retro style is back. Bags in canvas and leather will be in vogue, so pair them with a nice dress or blazer to get a modern look.

Victoria Barbara

2. Glamorous Sparkles- For evening and party wear, you need some eye-catching sparkles. This year some amazing designs came on the scene with fringes and small silhouettes. Purses with many pouches will be hot in fashion this year too.

3. Puffy leather handbags- Yes, puffy leather handbags are back, and they are big. Available in all colors and sizes, you can pair them up with just about any day wear. Major runways this year saw gigantic puffy leather bags in all shapes as well. The gigantic tote bags were a major hit on most of the runways this year.

4. Croissant bags- Like the confection like dresses that dominated the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 runways, the croissant bag looks like it has just come out fresh from a dessert store. It actually looks like a real croissant with super-thin handles and a thicker body. The good news for style lovers this year, they are available in all materials.

5. Micro bags- These super teeny-weeny bags have made a powerful impact on fashion lovers across all the major runways this year. They are so small and convenient for a night out that all you need is an ID, credit card, and lipstick to be good to go!

The above were the top 5 that made their mark at the Milan, New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. However, the Official Victoria Barbara site also gives you many more style options that were applauded for their unique design and style at these runways. She says that when it comes to fashion, you need to say goodbye to everything you picked up in 2019. The year 2020 is here so seriously empty your wardrobe to make room for the new show shoppers that have arrived on the scene to make you the center of attraction wherever you go with success!