Complete Details on Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is an inactivated yeast used for leaven bread, the nutritional yeast appears like the red pepper flakes, a bit yellow, and powdered Parmesan cheese it shares a similar flavor, in spite of being non-dairy. The brewer’s yeast generally comes from same species called Saccharomyces cerevisiae, however do not confuse both: Whereas you may use live version for making beer, spent cells following the fermentation will taste bitter to have.

Nutrition & Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

A gluten-free & vegan product, the nutritional yeast gets name from essential vitamins & minerals that are found in fortified brands. It’s very low in sodium content with just 25 mg every serving, or 1% of its daily value.

Helps to Support Your Immune System

The research has shown that Saccharomyces cerevisiae, strain of yeast present in the nutritional yeast, will support your immune system as well as decrease inflammation that will result from the bacterial infection. It can be very helpful to treat diarrhea.

Increasing energy

Whereas some manufacturers fortify this yeast with B-12, but not all do, hence it is good you check the label properly. Vitamin B-12 will help to boost energy, as the deficiency of such vitamin will lead to fatigue and weakness. Nutritional yeast is helpful for vegans and vegetarians in case it has any added vitamin B12, since this vitamin is mainly found in the animal products.

What’s the use of nutritional yeast?

The nutritional yeast generally comes in 2 forms: powder and flakes. Both of them have same taste, and both dissolve or melt well. Which type you choose generally depends upon how you are planning to use this and personal preference.

Nutritional yeast is quite versatile. It is best used as the sprinkle on oatmeal, roasted veggies or popcorn. It can also be used for Parmesan cheese on risotto, pasta, and soup. Just stir some in the scrambled eggs and tofu scramble for hit of umami. Also, you can use this to make the cheesy sauce for your macaroni & “cheese,” enchiladas or nachos.

Nutritional yeast is highly common than it was before, thus you can find this in the larger grocery stores, which depends upon where you stay. Suppose your local grocery shop has the health foods section, you must check it out or watch out for top brands. You can easily buy this wonder product online, make sure you choose the right brand.