What are the different types of pastas?

When you prefer pasta dish think about all the specifics like shape, taste, thickness of pastas and much more. Consider multiple variants in order to taste different varieties. They are available on types of noodles too.

  • A wide egg like noodles which has its origin from Tuscan is served with meat. Pastas are made delicious with the use of combinations. It is important both mix right proportions in the pasta.
  • When pastas find their shapes would make great cold pasta salad they are served with warm dress up with bowl meat and veggies. You can add any combinations that you like. You can add veggies and some like adding fruits in to it.
  • Some are shell shaped. They differ on size not on thickness. Medium sized shells are added with meat but large sized are mixed up with sauce and cream. If you like having food so creamy and tasty, you can prefer creams instead of sauces. You can stuff them and bake with medium shell sized casseroles. You can also reserve the smallest shell for adding them into soups and stews. They bring down the perfect alignment for making the pastas at its reach. You can eat them according to mood and taste. They look like belt flowers; they have unique shape which is great at picking interest among audience.


  • There is rigatoni pasta which brings perfect layers when added into creams. Some are like spaghetti which looks same as noodles. They taste which has stir fry recipes. They can be stewed with fresh tomatoes for better taste. It has hollow shaped structure which melts in boiled water.
  • Hair likes pastas which are long and very fine strands which is boiled in minutes. They are as simple as kike other type of pasta. Which is easy to cook and adding sauces. The procedure remains same at any cost. This requires bit of butter and oil for making in n sticky pastas. Piping structure makes pasta look like salads.
  • Some are pipe like structure which is round din striker. There is widely used pasta. Basically this includes lot of import and export activities. The procedure of cooking is different in this case. Add all the ingredients which you would like to consume. The add the pasta at end. They are dumped with traditional method of cooking foods with potatoes, egg and flour. This makes the meal heavy and pastas usually do not fall under diet category. Since this includes enormous amount of cream and sauces.
  • These rigatoni pasta bowls are always better and best in terms of taste. They fit properly into shape and size which tempts the audience to taste more when compared with other pastas.