Wondrously Cheap Wedding Cakes

The cake is the only part of the wedding that should always be present. For some, this is as important as the wedding ceremony itself. The bride and groom can be forgiven for forgetting about wedding favors or for giving up the wedding dance, but no one in their right mind will forget the wedding cake. Unfortunately, wedding cakes are very expensive.

The secret of the cost of the cake

Some cakes are insanely expensive, even if they look unattractive, while others are too good to be true. Are the cheapest cakes using seasonal ingredients? What’s the real problem with cakes?

The point is that the taste of a cake has nothing to do with its price. The factors that determine the price of a cake are the materials such as the fondant frosting, the workmanship and skill (and reputation) of the baker, and the time spent making the cake. Therefore, a simple and smooth round cake is more expensive than a round cake with various decorations.

Wondrously Cheap Wedding Cakes

Party in the eyes

Now that you know why affordable customized cake Singapore is getting expensive, your next step is to avoid special offers. The cake called “wedding cake” is definitely special. So, you will be looking for any other cake. To put it simply, you will need a regular cake that looks like a wedding. Is there a fundamental difference between a custom wedding cake and a regular cake that can pass for a wedding cake? The answer is no. A cake is a cake. The only thing that makes a wedding cake special is its visual appeal. Therefore, when looking for cakes, you must find something that will delight the eye. It can be square, triangular, heart-shaped, two-tiered, or single-tiered. Then carefully choose decorations for your regular cake: fruits, ribbons, flowers and figurines. Finally, for the cake to be doubly special, it must become the centerpiece of the wedding reception.

Practicality and splendor

Married women are most jealous of the fact that they are smart and practical. Since you are getting married, you already have these traits. They just need to be used when choosing wedding cakes. Here are some suggestions from other women like you.

  • Find a local baker. Local bakers are friendlier and more flexible. Some of them don’t even charge for the extra piece of cake they eat on their first anniversary.
  • Take your time shopping. Visit as many bakeries as possible. Check out bridal magazines and other sources to learn more about wedding cakes.
  • Buy a smaller cake and then top it off with muffins or brownies. Cupcakes are less messy and more affordable. You can even make cupcakes the day before your wedding.
  • If you want a three-tiered cake but can only afford two, try a fake bottom tier and use a real cake to make the top tiers. It would be great in pictures and good for everyone’s health.