5 Simple Ways to Earn Runescape Golds

Whether you are a seasoned Runescape player or a newbie, your ultimate goal will always be the same- earning gold. You can even trade it to other players who want to buy runescape gold. Since the game has been created, there are many strategies that were developed to maximize your skills and earn you some cash. Some are simple while some are pretty complicated. The good thing is none of these strategies need exceptional skills. You just need an open mind and the will to learn it. Here are some of the simplest (and cheapest) ways to earn your very own Runescape golds.

Runescape player

  • Drink Wine and Pick Bananas

Yes, it’s as easy eating and drinking. You can actually earn gold while getting drunk in the game. All you have to do is to buy as many wines as you can afford. You can even bind it to a hot key on the action bar to make it easier and faster.  In picking bananas, you have to buy baskets first. Lots of them if you must. Once you do this you can teleport to Karamja Island where you will find yourself surrounded by banana trees. Add a basket to the action bar and begin the picking.

  • Hunting Kebbits

You don’t need any hunting gear for this one. These creatures are available at the Taverley hunting area when you’re at Level 1. All you need is a noose wand and a keen eye for Kebbit tracks. You’ll be need Polar Kebbit Fur which you can retrieve by binding bones and meat to the action bar for dropping and burying.

  • Killing Guards

Unsuspecting guards are the victims here. There are plenty along Varrock and Falador. These guards are sacrificed so you can get their grapes which are around 3k each. To be efficient and effective in this round, you will be needing higher combat skills, as well.

  • Sell Dragon Bitters and Collect Swamp Toads

At a place called Dragon Inn in Yanille, there is a bartender where you can get Dragon Bitters at a considerably low price. You can buy as many as you can and then later on trade this in the bank. Swamp toads can also be collected in the Northwest of the Grand Tree. You can actually earn big if you fill your lot with toads.

  • Make Planks

You will be needing mahogany logs to make the planks. To get mahogany logs, you will need thousands of gold and as soon as you make the planks, you can set up near the bank and convert this into profit.

If you want to enjoy the game and earn gold at the same time, try weird but effective ways to gain profit. The more gold you get, the more gold you can trade for those who wish to buy runescape gold.