Baseball Bat 101: How to Teach Your Child to Swing

There is no player in existence that would immediately become an expert in swinging a baseball bat during the first time they’ve held the piece of sports equipment. Every player has to start somewhere, especially your child. Your little one’s eyes might gleam with excitement as they watch their favorite teams strut their stuff in the baseball field.

Of course, as a parent, you want to give whatever it takes for your little one to be happy so you might decide to teach them the proper way to swing a bat. To achieve that goal, here are some steps you might want to follow so that your kid learns as efficiently as possible.

Step One: Make Them Use The Right Bat

Smaller players need smaller bats; you can’t expect your child to use your professional baseball bat because it might be too heavy or too long for their little bodies. Unless you’re aiming for a comedic moment that’s Instagram-worthy, then you need to give a bat that’s the right size and weight for their individual play style. Bring them along with you when you’re selecting a bat for them. Start by making them hold the lightest bat in the store, and make sure that it meets the local league guidelines. Once you’ve selected the right bat for them, it’s time to get practicing.

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Step Two: Get a Grip (Literally)

For batters with a dominant right hand, they should wrap their left hand just below their right. The grip should be comfortable enough but not too tight. Furthermore, all the knuckles should align.

Step Three: It’s All In The Hips

After teaching your child to properly grip their baseball bat, they should know learn to assume the right batting stance before taking a swing at the ball. Their bodies should face perpendicular to the plate. Also, the feet should just be about shoulder-width apart and the knees slightly bent. The shoulders, knees, and hip should be square and tell your player to always keep their eyes on the ball as much as they can.

Step Four: SWING!

Don’t let your child practice hitting a baseball right off the bat (no pun intended). Instead, let them get a good feel of the proper batting stance. Once you think that they’re ready, start throwing them baseballs, but just chuck it at them for the time being. Don’t throw fast balls at your little player just yet. Let them practice setting their eyes on the baseball at all times to practice hand-eye coordination.

Just like selecting an NBA 2k18 locker, there are steps to undergo to help your kid grow as a baseball player. Teach your child every step of the way, and you might even see them entering a college baseball stadium in the future (or perhaps even inside a professional team).