Gaming in Korea


Are you having plans to travel to Korea this holiday? Before you start packing up your luggage, make sure that you have complete knowledge about the famous gaming community in South Korea. It is known fact across the world, that becoming a professional gamer in Korea is dream job for millions of gamers. In fact, it is known as a stepping stone to become a celebrity. Becoming celebrity is an aspiring dream for many out there; hence try out your favourite games at Korea.

Just by playing games, win lottery money and make your country proud too. South Korea is known for its culture for online gaming. Many times, it has been funnily touted as capital of “egames”. In 2016 alone, around 50 per cent of population, which is around 25.3 million games, have been played. Hence, it has been marked as having the fifth largest gaming market. It is globally the third largest county playing games after china and Japan.


The biggest gaming platform G-Star is taking place in Bussan. So far, it has attracted over millions of people from all across the world since 2005. In the year 2016, it has been recorded that around 215,000 people have attended the gaming centre. This would not have been possible, if Korea would not have sophisticated gaming culture. The fibre optic displays and exquisite infrastructure have made it possible in South Korea.
According to the statistics, forty nine per cent of people are in the age of 21 to 35 years old and among them seventy five per cent are males. The two prominent reason to do gaming in South Korea is for exotic fun of digital world and release of stress. Instead of playing gambling games, people who are interested in digital games, can get engaged in gaming at Korea. One can find around twenty thousand gaming centres, with high quality infrastructure and amazing gaming experience.