Tips to Move Higher In CSGO Ranking

This is obvious that if you want to increase your ranks in Csgo prime accounts, you have to win. After winning a couple of the games automatically, your ranking will improve. Similarly, if you keep on losing the games, then your rank will decrease.

Glicko is an algorithm based on the performance of the player and his team. Everything counts in this game like deaths, damages, number of kills and teams performance. In this game, every action you take and every move you make will give you some hidden points, which also plays a role in determining your rank.

The best way to enhance your ranking and increase points is by playing a game to win not to kill. There may be a situation in the game where you make many kills, but your team will still lose.

People who are interested in enhancing their rank need to team up with those players who have similar goals. You need to team up with serious players to get positive results in the game. This will enhance your chances of winning more rounds and increasing ranks in an easy-going manner. You will find many CSGO communities to help you. You will find many passionate and serious players in these groups, you can link with them.


Warmup is essential if you are practicing yourself. It will help you to focus properly on your game.

Good teammates

You may have heard that prevention is better than cure. In this game, it is advised to make a team of passionate people who have Csgo prime accounts. This will help better communication and coordination during the game. On the other hand if you have some dull teammates, this will affect your gameplay and performance. Visit a couple of online communities and find some guys over there. Ask them if they are interested in playing the match together. Communication with different players will help you form a team.

Play as a team player

You need to do improve your game. Remember to play as a team player, do all those things that will help your teammates.

Watch professional matches

Watching professional matches will help you learn the strategies of game. It will help you develop game sense and other things. You simply need to visit YouTube to have a look. At regular intervals, there are leagues taking place in which you will find top teams competing with each other. These matches are really worth watching to help you learn.