Use 2k18 Locker Codes to Play Your Favorite Players

You possibly expect new 2k18 locker codes for your favorite basketball players. The buzz surrounding the NBA2K18 game is enough to whet your appetite. For starters, the cover features Cleveland Cavalier point guard, Kyrie “The Ankletaker” Irving as.

Although no word to date if there are plans to change it following the player’s recent trade to the Boston Celtics. Even so, you still have a lot to look forward to in the latest edition. In anticipation of the game’s release on September 19, player ratings are out. So, you can expect it to stir some controversy as early as now.

2K18 locker codes

Jordan Clarkson Gets Player Rating of 77

Clarkson’s tweet in relation to his player rating in the NBA2k18 seems to say it all. Chances are, many basketball fans would agree with the Missouri native. Despite his performance, last season, the 25-year old Los Angeles Lakers guard got an overall rating of 77. Clarkson also tagged NBA2k’s digital marketing director Ronnie Singh.

Fortunately, for Clarkson, the ratings for NBA 2k adjust based on the player’s actual performance during the season. So, he still has a chance to beef up his digital standings.

NBA 2k18 Top 10 Player Ratings So Far

NBA 2k recently released its list of player ratings. The top 10 on the list include LeBron James (Cavaliers) with an impressive rating of 97. Kevin Durant (Warriors) comes in second at 96. The Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard has a rating of 95.

Interestingly, Stephen Curry (Warriors) is only fourth on the top 10 list at 94. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks), Paul George (Thunder), Karl-Anthony Towns (Timberwolves) share a rating of 91.

NBA2k18 cover star Kyrie Irving and John Wall (Wizards) both rate 90. It seems isn’t happy with this. He even tagged @Ronnie2K in a tweet last August 5 about it. DeMar DeRozan rounds off the top 10 list with a rating of 89.

Where to Get Player Locker Codes

Remember to watch the social media channels of 2K sports. They hand out locker codes for NBA 2k18 through Twitter and Facebook. These codes consisting of numbers and alphabets. Each is unique. So every player has a distinct code to be able you to unlock them in the game.

Once you have the player code you want, you’ll simply enter it and let the game do the rest. Remember, using the codes require Internet access. Be sure to watch out for your favorite players 2k18 locker codes.