Be more eco-friendly

Be more eco-friendly

One of the most harmful things to the earth is amount of garbage that is there. If you look around there are tons of places that have plastic bottles, plastic bags, and so much more piled high. One of biggest threats to the world if plastic bottles, not only does it take forever to degrade, but it could also be a playground for hosting water borne diseases, it will also have an effect on the wildlife as we. These kinds of bottles are not environment friendly, so more solutions need to found to get rid of such harmful items, what we need are eco-friendly, reusable bottles. They are becoming more and more popular each and everyday.

eco-friendly, reusable bottles

What are they?

Reusable bottles are just like any water bottle that you can find, but the whole point of it is to use it more than once, and not to throw it away. These bottles are made out of a high density polyethylene, a low density polyethylene, copolyester, or polypropylene. And these bottles are BPA free, so as you can see they don’t take into account this chemical when manufacturing. When it comes to making stainless steel bottles no of these factors come into play. It is made out of the steel, shaped, and cleaned so that it can be taken as a water bottle.

The advantages of it

There are many benefits that you can gain when you use eco- friendly reusable bottles, one of the biggest advantages is that it will not destroy the planet as you are not throwing it our after using it. These kinds of bottle are also a huge cost effective purchase. Because you only but it once, and never again, and you end up using it more than once. When you compare the cost of a reusable bottle to all of the plastic bottles you buy in a month you will be able to see how much you could save. Also they come in all different kinds of looks, so you don’t have to worry about it being bland. So you can look cool and be environmentally friendly at the same time. Furthermore these bottles are so much more convenient than others as you don’t have to go to a store and buy it, just fill it from your house.

The disadvantages

Even though it seems pretty effective, there are some drawbacks, one being that the water bottles can be heavy, and it is prone to leaks as well. Furthermore when you want to dispose of the bottle there is an issue there. You cannot just throw it into the garbage can. Overall these are the drawbacks; however the benefits will always outweigh the negatives.